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Ah, thanks for clearing that up. I imagined he might have pimped up his Amiga with spray paint. I remember seeing a multi-coloured paint splatter effect daubed over an Amiga 500 featured on the cover of CU Amiga a lifetime ago, and an amateur version put in an appearance on eBay last week.

Congrats on kicking TWIT's backside! I think I'm largely on my own here, but I find it so dry and tedious I can't stand more than 10 minutes of it.

You were both right about The Bug joystick by the way. Most people had the standard black one, yet Cheetah also produced a special edition 'slime green' version with red eyes.

The range of joysticks which included the Terminator and Simpsons figures - also made by Cheetah - were known as CharacteriSticks. Have you noticed how the ones you see on eBay are often boxed and in pristine condition? I don't think this is a coincidence.
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