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Originally Posted by HardStep View Post
Whats the difference between Rev6 and older revs, more reliable for overclocking and less heat?
AFAIK the 060 was produced between 94-99. First part was an XC part manufactured on 0.6um (micrometers) and according to Motorola nomenclature, chips that they don't consider to be a fully qualified part get the XC label.
Then for each revision there are bug fixes and process optimizations.

The 060 also had 3 (I think) die shrinks.. From 0.6um (rev 1-3) to 0.4um (rev 4-5) and finally 0.32um for revision 6.

Smaller process usually translates into higher clockspeeds or lower power consumption.

However it should be remembered that the 060 is from a different time, so power consumption was never above 5W for the official parts anyway.
Since both rev1 XC and rev6 MC exist in 50MHz versions you can imagine that the Rev 6 has a lot of headroom for overclocking compared to oldest revs.
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