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Originally Posted by rsn8887 View Post
Ok since I want my WHD collection to work with both Android (UAE4ARM) and WinUAE, I decided to simply use a large mounted directory and extract everything into FAT32 SDCard. It worked pretty well. Of all 3500 or so WHD games, only 5 had some error with non-FAT compatible filenames (FAT apparently does not support the filenames "con" or "com").

Now I have all games in a single hard disk which simply maps to a drawer.

I tried Tinylauncher, X-Bench, and IGame but IGame is by far the best because it allows quick and easy navigation of the games list using the mouse, or virtual joystick mouse on UAE4Arm, even when the list is 3500 games long.

In X-Bench it takes me forever to get from A to Z, for example. Concerning Tinylauncher, well it gives an invalid directory error and keeps rebooting (why is its config file not in the main dir?), and I doubt it has the easy list navigation of IGame.

So I am sticking with IGame and am now very happy with my WHDload: 3500 games working in Android on my Nvidia Shield Portable and in Windows 10!

EDIT: on a sidenote, while messing with my old Amiga hard disk hdf I found my old e-mails from 1995 (!) in ELM (cool program!). I was on the internet using AmiTCP and a modem in 1995. Brought back memories...
Please, for all that is holy, help me to get this work on my retropie, I have been fighting with this for days 😭
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