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Originally Posted by PortuguesePilot View Post
Well, since we were talking about video display, I was referring to the fact that the A500 (non-plus) is OCS and the A600 is ECS. Maybe the chip architecture meant some added difficulties with this sort of thing, I thought... Also, I was under the impression that the A600 is more efficient - energy-wise - than the A500 and thus an expansion board for the A600 would require less power than an expansion board would on the A500. Of course, when it comes to these technicalities, I'm virtually a layman, so nothing of what I say is to be taken for granted. I was just speculating, hence why I posed the question.

The Rev6 A500 is easily capable of being modded to 1mb chipmem, mabbe now is a good time to think of doing it
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