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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
- "Atari ST palette fix" added to Display panel, called "Dark palette fix". It is wrong to mention Atari ST in GUI There are few stupid Atari ST ports that use original palette (3 bits/component) = halved brightness in Amiga.
Is the current code for that less than ideal? Atari ST white will end up less bright than it could be. In gfxutil.cpp you have:
if (currprefs.gfx_threebitcolors)
	vi *= 2;
Atari ST white = $777. Shifted left by one bit that maps to Amiga colour $EEE which maps to 24-bit $EEEEEE. OK so far. However, if mapping 3-bit directly to 8 bit, you could map each component value %xyz to %xyzxyz00.

In other words Atari white $777 could/should map to 24-bit RGB $FCFCFC

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