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[off topic]Can I risk the OT and ask a (potentially sensible) question?

Why so much fruitless bickering around here? I've been noticing it on other threads too. It's as if everyone is in some sort of pissing contest. I really thought the Amiga community would be different by now...[/off topic]

One game that appears to be simple (in terms of apparent code and complexity) is [ Show youtube player ]. I reckon that it might make use of some Windows-only libraries and, if one was to port it to OCS, one would have to downgrade the graphics from 256 to 32 colours. The whole Windows version of the game is 3MB, so it would fit well onto 3 or 4 disks. Other than that, it seems it would be a pretty straightforward conversion job.

Apparently there was an early attempt to port it to the Sony PSP, so I guess the source-code is available, though I cannot attest to this. If it is not, maybe the author would make it available if he was politely asked for it.
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