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Originally Posted by LuMan View Post
(...) The HDMI output is also excellent, as I only have room for one tv/monitor in my (ahem) office, so my HD LG 42" acts as a screen for Amigas, Playstations, Mac, Speccy and whatever else I throw at it... I can feel a purchase coming on..
The HDMI port is also one of the major aspects I'm interested in. With the 15kHz-compatible monitors dying out due to age, the alternatives are becoming more and more restrictive as time goes by. The Amiga has to come up with alternative methods of video output and the HDMI move is a giant leap forward compared to the SCART+RGB alternative... I'm really interested on the A1200 and even the A500 versions of the Vampire II (since I don't own an A600 and since I already have an A500 and an A1200, I don't think I ever will).

But with the immediate need to accelerate (and, more importantly, provide extra memory to my almost-stock A1200) I will have to buy something else in the mean time. It definitely doesn't mean that I won't get the A1200 Vampire II when it comes out. If it proves to be just as good for the A1200 as the current version is for the A600, I'll definitely buy it. I was also one of the purists that frowned at the FPGA alternative, but one has to give in when the evidence proves it's the right move.

One question, though (to anyone who can answer it)... due to all the hardware limitations of the A500, will the A500 Vampire II also feature HDMI output?
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