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Hi from Sydney, Australia

My first Amiga was an A500 which I bought in the 80's soon after graduating from my Computer Science degree. Eventually I had a colour monitor and an IDE interface before it was relegated to the closet when I inherited my father's IBM XT clone. I know, I know, but I was programming them for work so it just made sense at the time.

I still have my A500 but it's rarely powered-on these days. Along the way I've acquired a few more A500's, an A1000, A3000 & A1200. Whilst I'm definitely quite fond of the Amiga, I don't do a lot with it regularly as my retro hobbies are quite broad, encompassing arcade, console and microcomputer platforms.

These days I work as an electronics design / software engineer. I've dabbled in Amiga-related activities over the years; re-producing and selling an Amiga PS/2 mouse adapter, porting an early version of Minimig to a proprietary FPGA board and, most recently, porting the seminal ZX Spectrum title Knight Lore to the Amiga.

Right now I'm here for some assistance in completing my port. Spare time is rare these days with two young kids and a full time job, but I hope to be able to participate in the Amiga scene occasionally.

Thanks for reading!
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