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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
Mazes look like mix of HeroQuest and Cadaver to me. I think Amiga Knight Lore should be closer to Head Over Heels graphics
Kinda, but the Stampers had their own unique visual style just as Drummond/Ritman had theirs. When it comes to adapting old games I think it's nice if you can retain as much of the original aesthetic as possible (assuming it was any good to begin with).

The black walls cry out to be filled in but that substantially changes the look (as would sticking a floor in there) - even making the scrolls white changes the whole feel of the scene. I like the idea of multicolour sprites to give them more depth but if I was doing this I'd keep their silhouettes pretty much as they are.

What I would want though is some kick-ass original music - presumably a modest graphical overhaul wouldn't tax the Amiga too much so sink everything else into the sound
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