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Originally Posted by cgugl View Post
please can you run adoom in this way an post here the result?

> adoom -nosfx -forcedemo -timedemo demo3 -cpu 68060 -fps -width 640 -height 480

i got 18,6 fps on my dev vampire, with the last dev core (i'm slow, but i can still increase the mhz)
My CSMK3 68060@75MHz with 50ns memory only managed 7.9 fps on a RTG screen at 640x480x8 (unplayable). If you are getting 18.6 fps then you would probably beat a 68060@100MHz for this code and it sounds playable unlike anything over 512x384 here. It is likely that the larger caches of the Apollo core will run modern bloated and poorly optimized compiled code significantly better than the 68060. It has much more potential if compilers were improved and a good instruction scheduler added.

Originally Posted by lantus360 View Post
hey Matt, i can try but i dont have access to the newest core that supports that screenmode. I can only run in EHB modes for now
Yea, EHB does not work on ECS in hires and interlaced is glitchy here (3000T ECS with P96 installed).
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