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it is great to hear all the positive comments on the Vampire II. It's going to be a constantly evolving concept and with room to grow and improve the future for the Amiga looks even brighter. Well done to the team for the behind the scenes work (and frustration) I intend on finding better/faster methods to get the board out to people ASAP. For the a500 we expect an even bigger demand so we intend to be ready.

For the mounting of the a600 vampire we all know that it can be a pain in the donkey. so i am going to include an isopropyl alcohol swab and a qtip for people to clean the pins on the CPU (Yes!, it does make a difference). There needs to be a very good connection to the CPU, oxides build up over time and this will cause unwanted resistance between the socket and the CPU. You will be able to see the black on the swab after you clean the pins.
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