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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Putty squad is totally different situation. A portable source was not available and the original Amiga code was complete and really for release.

I can see no point asking for permission for abandonware from other platforms.
I used Putty Squad to counter the emotional argument "they abandoned us".
Back in the day, the reason why they did not publish it was also that "they abandoned us", i.e., evil financial reasons.
Yet, we forgave them when they showed the desire to release it didn't we?

What I meant is that the choice to call some companies evil for emotional reasons is absurd, yes they are in it for the money, news at 11. Now can we have an adult discussion about official acknowledgment of the retro Amiga community efforts?

You choose to qualify these games as abandonware, but that is completely circular reasoning: they are abandoned because there are no business done with them, so that justifies mysteriously to not do business with them?

I wish emotions stayed out of this picture, we cannot complain about being abandoned on one hand and refuse to do business with right holders on the other.

Galahad's approach is much more rational: he won't make more efforts than he already does but if agreement can be obtained he is ok with it: everyone is happy, both us, the community, Galahad (and others), because he is now an official "port-er" () and the company because they get good retro Public Relations news as well as more advertising for their games (GOG or not).
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