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Originally Posted by delshay View Post
I just got both games Grimrock 1&2.

system requirements. ???

DDR2, IGP HD3200, Turion Ultra Dual core 2.4Ghz, screenmode 1200x800 . ..just about playable not smooth.

DDR1,Radeon R9, FX-60 2.6Ghz Dual core, screenmode 1776x1000..Ultra smooth (Dram is set at slow speed). I don't need to turn anything up.

So you don't need a strong CPU, just a very good GFX card.
The first game had trouble playing on my 2009 13" MacBookPro at a satisfying speed which quite surprised me and actually prevented me from enjoying the game enough to continue playing. I do not think they put much effort into writing an efficient rendering engine since the game really does not have much to display even in the busiest moments.

And this thread reminds me that now that I have a new computer I can finally go back to playing it comfortably so thanks guy for reviving it!

Also of note: even though it is a tribute to Dungeon Master, I found the game's UI to be much lacking compared to DM. I cannot remember exactly what were my gripes with it but the icons and buttons were not as accessible as DM's which is a bit of a shame for a spiritual successor. I hope they fixed that for the second episode. And actually I must say that to date, none of the DM clones I tested managed to reach the same fluidity of user experience that DM offered, isn't it interesting how people copy the idea and gameplay but fail to realize the importance of some apparently minor but actually crucial UI placement details?
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