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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
I have no way of knowing what they are doing, but I sure do know what is being discussed and what is being released here on EAB Not sure if you read my post the way I do, but I surely never implied to know what people are actually doing, but rather how these kind of projects usually end up after being here for almost 10 years.
You are right, I read way too much into your post than it contained.
I guess it was my subconscious guilt of not having produced anything yet which lead me to be a bit defensive.

Originally Posted by TCD View Post
I'd rather play something fun and simple than seeing pages of posts that end up nowhere. But hey, each to their own and if that's what it means to be 'Amiga' these days I guess I'm just too old for this
As a non-coding user, I understand that it is frustrating because the end product is not visible and the discussion looks non productive but you will note that it is a common theme of all game developments which are advertised in the open to the community (in mainstream gaming):

People who only wait, feel time pass *very* slowly and do not understand why nothing (visible) gets produced.
People who produce, do not understand why the others are so impatient.

As a coder, seeing these pages of post is rather a good sign, it means there is reflexion and that any amount of reflexion will make coding easier.

Moreover, do not forget that we, humans, are heavily biased psychologically to take notice of things which do not work (or seem to not work) rather than of things which succeed.

There are many work in progress visible on the EAB which are fantastically encouraging and heartwarming:
- Alter Ego, Chase
- Lazycow's projects
- Earok's CD32 conversions/tweaks
- Jotd's CD32Load
- Galahad's conversions
- Meynaf's work
etc. Literally dozens of successful and ongoing projects and I am forgetting many others.

But what do we (myself included) notice?
The few which seem to linger on or fail, even when it is not even clear that they have failed yet, they might just be in a slow phase.

This is a well described phenomenon which is called the "bad world syndrome", everyone does that, and that's why news usually cover bad events more than good ones. It seems to be a natural human trait (and probably saved our lives when we lived in the jungle).

It's up to everyone of us to realize when we are falling prey to this tendency.
As far as I am concerned, I am thrilled by the amount of progress done left and right by people on the EAB.

(And I am off topic as usual, damn it, sorry.)
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