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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
After the efforts ive made, i will be damned if someone with too much time on their hands gets to tell me i cant release my work, whether its illegal or not.
Once a game is released, there is little a software company can or wants to do about it, and whilst it would be nice to have access to the source code to make a better conversion, im not about to piss about with C or Fortran source code for some ancient ST release that likely is lost to the wind decades ago.

Software companies dont give a shit until they feel the need to give a shit, so i wont be jockeying for their OK anytime soon.
I certainly understand your angle especially given the amount of time you (and other similar kittens) have invested in adapting, WHDLoad-slave-ing, debugging, etc. a lot of games.

My take is a bit different in the sense that since GOG shows that companies are willing to be accommodating and allow re-releases of well, good old games at a low fee, this would be a great opportunity to have official versions on the Amiga.

I.e., fix the errors of the past, and allow us - as users, not as coders - to have official releases of much better quality than these companies did. Moreover, the Amiga market is very small sure, but even if coders could get 10% of the 5$ a GOG-Amiga game would cost that would still be appreciable.
Would your refuse 200$ from a GOG Amiga download and your name on the "box" if you could have that for your ST conversions? (I know you are not in for the money, but would you refuse it? )

Finally, not all companies are the same, many original authors still hold the rights to their games and would not object to re-releases, it would not hurt us to target these kittens.

Your points are valid but we cannot assume that all attempts will lead to the same result: not all companies are the same, not all right holders react negatively. If we assume failure before trying then we will never have these things.

The questions worth asking, I think, are:
- do we, as users, want official releases?
- which authors/companies are likely to allow them? (Some will, cf GOG)

That is what should guide us, otherwise we are just speculating.
We would not be doing it for them, but for us.
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