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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
I do make some business assumptions which have a small possibility of being incorrect. That is that A-EON has considerable control at Hyperion after bailing them out of bankruptcy.
Everything you say depends on those assumptions being correct. You might be convinced enough to trash them for it, but I'm not so sure. If what you say is true, I think we'd see more evidence. I think A-Eon would want recognition and they'd want to give OS4 a publicity boost. The news of Trevor getting on board would probably buy OS4 another year without a 4.2 release. Do you also think it's possible that someone like Ben Hermans could employ tricks to keep Hyperion going without a large cash injection?

What is A-EON's role then? Amiga free loan philanthropy? Amiga propaganda organizers and censors in charge of converting Amiga 68k users to PPC?
On hardware, same as ACube. I can't explain why ACube want to continue making new PPC machines, but they do.

On software, I think A-Eon recognise that while the hardware market remains fairly vibrant, the software scene is stone cold. That must be a concern for A-Eon as a hardware vendor and AmigaKit as a reseller. A coordinated effort is sorely needed to revive things. Hyperion aren't going to do it and nobody would trust them if they did. So A-Eon are trying to step into that role. Again, these are just my assumptions and I could also be wrong.

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