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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
A question to people doing these nice conversions: why don't you guys contact the rights holders to ask for the right to make an official conversion? Many of them would be fine with it. Eric Chahi and Jordan Mechner have proven to be very tolerant and would probably agree to it, moreover, equivalent versions on GOG ( are sometimes available from even very big houses such as EA, Befhesda and the likes at quite a low price fully compatible with the costs of media.

I doubt they would bother to sue after a refusal anyway so that wouldn't change a thing at worse and at best the Amiga would finally have an official version. Could even be available on GOG (via a UAE wrapper a la DosBox) so that could bring you a bit of pocket change and bring some people back to the Amiga.

It can only bring good things for the coder who would do it and the community so why not?
I mean your versions are nice but official acknowledgment would be a real improvement and motivation both for coders and users and would serve as well to advertise the Amiga on official game press sites (cf Putty Squad).

Are any of you guys planning to do it?
Putty Squad is different, System 3 were getting some seriously bad press over the game with lots of false or misplaced promises to release.

All of these CD32 conversions and ST conversions, there was little or no promises made.

After the efforts ive made, i will be damned if someone with too much time on their hands gets to tell me i cant release my work, whether its illegal or not.

Releasing Starquake is one thing, someone copying the new PS4 Shadow of the Beast and making an updated version for Amiga is quite another.

Once a game is released, there is little a software company can or wants to do about it, and whilst it would be nice to have access to the source code to make a better conversion, im not about to piss about with C or Fortran source code for some ancient ST release that likely is lost to the wind decades ago.

Software companies dont give a shit until they feel the need to give a shit, so i wont be jockeying for their OK anytime soon.
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