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Originally Posted by clebin View Post
All the way through this post you seem confused about whether it's A-Eon, Hyperion or even Cloanto that you're writing about.
I do make some business assumptions which have a small possibility of being incorrect. That is that A-EON has considerable control at Hyperion after bailing them out of bankruptcy. The bailout would have taken a considerable sum of money to not only pay off existing debts but put them in a position where they will not end up back in the same situation. A business like this can usually be bought for nearly the same cost as a loan. If someone is willing to make such a risky loan, the business assets are usually used as collateral for a secured loan. A software business with outdated technology and intellectual property like Hyperion would have little value on the auction block as they own few tangible assets. Either through majority control (probably private stock) or a secured loan to Hyperion, A-EON likely has significant influence in, if not complete control of Hyperion. It is possible Trevor is into philanthropy for his Amiga hobby but then why nickel and dime Amiga users for software that should be included in the AmigaOS. It is also possible that Trevor is not very business savvy at all and asked for too little from the nearly worthless bankrupt Hyperion. I would have required majority ownership in Hyperion for the loan and kept it alive as a software house for A-EON in order to fulfill the contract with Amiga Inc. and keep the lawyers away. Cloanto is a separate entity unless A-EON bought more than the rights to Personal Paint.

Originally Posted by clebin View Post
Nothing to do with A-Eon. It's not A-Eon's software or even Hyperion's. As I understand it, developers are supposed to pay for a license to write P96 drivers. Why would you expect A-Eon to give away another third-party developer's documentation without their permission just because they're buddies with someone who has a license? That's bonkers.
If A-EON/Hyperion really wanted to help, they would check their existing P96 license to see if it would apply to the 68k AmigaOS as well. They may already be licensed to give the driver development SDK to all AmigaOS developers like they did for AmigaOS 4 before the graphics.library was integrated in AmigaOS 4 (AmigaOS 4 was 68k in beta so it is likely they distributed the P96 SDK to 68k AmigaOS owners). They may be able to sell an AmigaOS 4 software upgrade with a new graphics.library from AmigaOS 4 for AmigaOS 3. It depends on if the license says "AmigaOS", "AmigaOS 4", "AmigaOne" and/or "PPC only". At the very least, they should have contacts or be able to provide contacts for the P96 owners if they wanted to help. Instead, ThoR is trying to contact the owners through his contacts with the programmers which he talks about on A-EON's own web site. One of the biggest Amiga developers ever, Jim Drew, gets no help when asking for P96 documentation. The AmigaOS 4 censors at also remove anything they decide doesn't support AmigaOS 4 and PPC. A-EON has talked about encouraging developer support but they don't walk the walk. I was not always against A-EON or even Hyperion but I look at their actions and I have had enough. I originally wanted to update the 68k AmigaOS 3 to have an API more similar to AmigaOS 4 making Amiga development easier but no more. If they want a clean break and more division then so be it.

Originally Posted by clebin View Post
Again, conflating the two companies and their roles. The API has nothing to do with A-Eon. As for FPGA development, well you mentioned Minimig+ yourself. I agree that they missed the boat (and I wonder if the project hasn't been shelved in favour of ALICE) but at least it showed an intention. And to me it shows that Hyperion and A-Eon are not joined at the hip. I think PPC and OS4 is a dead end and I've said it for years, but I think A-Eon are also doing a lot of good things and I admire their intentions. I think you expect way too much from them.
What is A-EON's role then? Amiga free loan philanthropy? Amiga propaganda organizers and censors in charge of converting Amiga 68k users to PPC?

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