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hi, amiga was my first love

and it will be my last ?

It was my first contact with computer , and it changed my life. i was student in a school of art in france, and it was amazing to see what it was possible to draw compare to fortunate peaople who did 2 colors drawings on macintosh.

My center of interest was 3d, sculpt 3d , sa4d, turbo silver, next, imagine 3d and i bought finally in UK chez Duchet computer, a licence of lightwave 3d 3.5.

And it changed my life ( again), i made then 3d on silicon graphics later, movies, i have been working on tvpaint, also an ancient software on amiga who did 24bit drawings in total blindness "mix ator" 1987. And .. i'm still using imagine 3d for doing models before refining them on lightwave.

I have preorderd ARMIGA, that is why it will be my last love, i kept all my disks and i know i have some rare stuff, i have raytracer original version of 1987 a compositing program also, ( cant remember the name). Hope to read my disks again next month.

Thanks everybody to make live this impressive forum.
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