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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
cmon, i dont see any much of that.
Not a lot but it would have been different if there had been an opportunity.

btw. im back in berlin in my studio. i see you are being busy, but the coffe offer still stands.
I haven't forgot you. Right now I'm really quite busy.

Originally Posted by mr.spiv View Post
Out of curiosity.. I presume this converter does good job showing 50Hz modes i.e., no tearing etc things while scrolling?
I haven't tried that particular model. One of mine outputs 5V through the hdmi cable which could hurt the vampire and also has a very weak power supply, the other shows some artefacts in movements that seem to be a misled attempt to deinterlace a non-interlaced screenmode. So, yes, they leave a bit to be desired. Scrolling doesn't look very nice in my setup but I consider this an effect of my LCD.

Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
Where can I download the Picasso96 drivers for the Vampire 2?
The licensing problem hasn't been sorted out yet so right now there are no public P96 drivers for the vampire2.
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