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i understand your disappointment. however even if what gunnar and his current team currently proposes may not be perfect, there is hardly a concurrent proposal in this direction, nor is there any to be expected any soon. so, while this would be better to make more coordinated effort, the calculation on part of apollo team may be, that it would take longer, and they want to deliver. and said that, even gunnar doesnt seem as stubborn as not to reconsider critical voices and finally act accordingly when he discovers the points were valid. just to mention bitfield implementation in this context.

so from this perspective there are certainly drawbacks what concerns apollo/vampire project, as it isnt completely open source for instance, even if the hardware part itself appears to be, but in general its worth support, for this reason alone that it ignites some current in the scene, content among the users and opens some prospcts for the future, especially that none of use knows exactly where it leads.

and finally just a short comment on your aros remark. of course if not the legal hell around amiga system aros might be considered unnecessary effort. i might err, but from where i stand it looks like the genuine system alas will never be secure. as in secure to use and to upgrade, except aome basement efforts. as soon as grown up and in the open field such efforts would be at mercy of true ip holders or pretenders, not easily to distinguish from each other. secondly aros gives opportunita to involve people of different goals and differnet platforms of interest in one project, the code being tested on a wider base and teoretically better structures because of this. i wouldnt miss this opportunity. so while i support apollo/vampire project i am rather investing my time with aros68k for the time being. and i doubt this investment will be entirely lost.
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