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Originally Posted by TCMSLP View Post
Cammy is a fantastic person and has done a massive amount for the Amiga.

However, with the amount of sexism and inappropriate comments she encounters I'm surprised she's stuck around as long as she has. People making shitty comments about depression and even posting suggestions of PMT ( is just the lowest of the f*cking low. Not to mention the comments she receives on her photos on FB.

I used to feel proud to be involved in the Amiga community, but more often than not I'm now feeling ashamed

Well, thats a notion I get from time to time about "communities" when people unload immature comments. Then I take a step back and remember its usually just the vocal minority that acts beyond silly. Take any community, be it gaming, twitch, youtube, your local soccer team spectators, a night out at the bar/party... the list is endless; there will more or less always be twats that will try to pull people down, be it knowingly or they are just insecure/immature.
Imho its better to isolate/ignore those "troublemakers", and enjoy the fact that the majority of the community is supportive and nice.
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