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Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
I took part in some of the discussions in the past... power computing does not mean competing with newest i7 multicore system but if you have to make a choice between 100% compatibility and speed then taking speed. Apollo is not designed primarly as a replacement for old hardware but as a real upgrade. Hope this explains it better...
This is how I understood it indeed, thanks for the confirmation!

Originally Posted by grond View Post
To date nobody has been forced to buy an upgrade they don't want.
I'm glad that extortion is still frowned upon.

Originally Posted by grond View Post
You can't please everyone. What's the Amiga need that vampire currently doesn't satisfy? It's too fast and doesn't give you the "I'll go get a coffee while starting this program" feeling of the good old days?
Funny that you say that because this feeling is what caused me to buy my first accelerator for the 1200 back in the day, then to switch to the PC when that was not enough (with much regret, thankfully, OS X reduced that pain a bit later on).

As for your question, I am clearly not the target user for the Vampire since I use my Amigas for their original constraints, even much accelerated ones are too slow for my day to day uses anyway (not to mention that the OS is way outdated) but I like trying to push the envelope of fixed hardware. My interest for expansions lies mainly with storage and I/O which excludes Vampire and Apollo obviously even if these kittens interest me from a technological standpoint.

Originally Posted by grond View Post
Awwww, replace "is" with "was".
Well, you never know the original intent of the poster. But thanks for clarifying!

Originally Posted by grond View Post
Quite to the contrary but this hasn't got anything to do with the Amiga so we shouldn't get into this debate.
FPGAs and ASICs target different use cases and markets indeed, let's leave it at that.

Thanks for the friendly clarifications guys!
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