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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
I am fine with Trevor wasting his money on his PPC Amiga hobby. I don't like the way A-EON talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk.
All the way through this post you seem confused about whether it's A-Eon, Hyperion or even Cloanto that you're writing about.

Meanwhile, Jim Drew who was a bigger Amiga developer than any we have left can't get developer docs to P96 which is used in AmigaOS 4.
Nothing to do with A-Eon. It's not A-Eon's software or even Hyperion's. As I understand it, developers are supposed to pay for a license to write P96 drivers. Why would you expect A-Eon to give away another third-party developer's documentation without their permission just because they're buddies with someone who has a license? That's bonkers.

ThoR and Olsen would like to at least maintain AmigaOS 3 with bug fixes without any kind of support or acknowledgement from up top.
Not A-Eon's job. The only company working on OS 3.X is Cloanto. The only people with the license to do so are Cloanto and Hyperion.

There is no news in a long time about the software package which is just a compilation of 3rd party software which should be built into the AmigaOS and a 68k AmigaOS update released.
Released by who, A-Eon? Why not ask PeterK why he hasn't released a new version of OS 3 with his icon library installed. Sorry for the sarcasm, but that makes about as much sense to me.

If A-EON/Hyperion supported the 68k and FPGA hardware then it would dramatically help developers and users of these devices. The 68k AmigaOS could be made more API compatible with PPC AmigaOS 4 which would help Amiga development and support in general.
Again, conflating the two companies and their roles. The API has nothing to do with A-Eon. As for FPGA development, well you mentioned Minimig+ yourself. I agree that they missed the boat (and I wonder if the project hasn't been shelved in favour of ALICE) but at least it showed an intention. And to me it shows that Hyperion and A-Eon are not joined at the hip. I think PPC and OS4 is a dead end and I've said it for years, but I think A-Eon are also doing a lot of good things and I admire their intentions. I think you expect way too much from them.
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