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Hey guys,

I joined the forum recently and with some help from you guys have managed to get my beloved A1200 online! I swapped out the 8MB FastRAM card I bought a couple of years ago for a shiny new ACA1221 and got a PCMCIA network card from

Spent a few days installing Workbench 3.1 and EasyNet + tools onto a CF card, could get online but couldn't browse - AWeb crashed every time it was loading images. Traced the error down and it seemed related to an FPU instruction... I don't have an FPU installed. However I tried a few installs of AWeb (inc 68000) and all did the same thing.

I tried from scratch with ClassicWB, and could get online using IBrowse easily with no crashes! Clearly something I'm doing wrong with my WB3.1 build but not too bothered at the moment, I feel I've achieved something just getting the ClassicWB build online!

I've been creating plenty of backups of the CF image as I've been going along too so can recover if I need to!

Anyway, just wanted to share my experience but more importantly thanks to the people who've helped me, particularly with regards to advice around the ACA1221, and to the folk behind ClassicWB. You guys rock.
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