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Originally Posted by Overflow View Post
How is AeonKit blocking "classic" development?

People are free to develop software and hardware for it.
Is the foundation to the claim based on Trevor deciding to funnel his money into PPC instead of 680xx?
I am fine with Trevor wasting his money on his PPC Amiga hobby. I don't like the way A-EON talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk.

The Talk: They say they support Amiga development, announce a call for Amiga developers (including 68k) and create a new developer web site at
The Walk: The developer web site looks more like an advertisement and has nothing useful. At least some e-mails contacting them have gone unanswered. Meanwhile, Jim Drew who was a bigger Amiga developer than any we have left can't get developer docs to P96 which is used in AmigaOS 4. ThoR and Olsen would like to at least maintain AmigaOS 3 with bug fixes without any kind of support or acknowledgement from up top. FPGA development is completely ignored. It looks like they are just trying to be friendly with 68k users and developers so they can convert them to PPC.

The Talk: They own,, and which they use to support the amiga.
The Walk: It is all a big advertisement with censorship of anything they don't want to hear. I have had 2 of my last few messages deleted and I was banned for a week with false claims of trolling and libel (I posted the thread content here on EAB). My 68k debugging helped get Chris Young's NetSurf running on the Amiga but now I will not be helping with further recent efforts (I have no plans on returning). Again, it looks like the idea is to lock users into their system where they have to pay for every minor update (worse than Apple).

The Talk: They have announced products for the 68k like the Prisma sound card, MiniMig Plus, "Enhancer software package" and an updated Personal Paint.
The Walk: Prisma and the Minimig Plus should be ready in 2 more weeks (Amiga weeks). The Minimig Plus is kind of like C= trying to sell the A600 when the A1200 was available (outdated when conceived). There is no news in a long time about the software package which is just a compilation of 3rd party software which should be built into the AmigaOS and a 68k AmigaOS update released. Personal Paint did get a 68k release with a few enhancements after pulling the freely available version off aminet (if the update was worth while then this wouldn't have been necessary).

Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
@MattHey I hear ya, your reasoning makes sense and is somewhat consistent with stuff I heard from other ppl around BigGun. Still, he is putting his talent to good use atm, and for that I'm greatful.
And yea...sometimes adding too many ppl to a project will be the reason for its failure...
For all his flaws, I still like Gunnar. He can't treat his friends like he did meynaf and I and expect them to stick around though. The project is all about Gunnar who likes complete control which he would not give up easily. He does know what he is doing technically and seems to have finally realized that he has to make the core very 68020 ISA compatible.

Originally Posted by clebin View Post
It's a shame you had to bring this topic up here because it doesn't have anything to do with the FPGA or SAGA discussion.
If A-EON/Hyperion supported the 68k and FPGA hardware then it would dramatically help developers and users of these devices. The 68k AmigaOS could be made more API compatible with PPC AmigaOS 4 which would help Amiga development and support in general. Instead we waste limited Amiga developer time and developer resources. Don't try telling them on or you will probably be censored and/or banned. It looks like the FPGA development will have to continue the route of reverse engineering and AROS which is wasting time and resources. The uncertainty of support likely affected the Natami project's decision not to push forward. I believe this is a *very* important topic for Amiga FPGA hardware.
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