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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
With all due respect this is not an "understanding", it is an opinion. Which is fine, but is quite a different animal since users decide what their Amiga is for.
Everyone has different needs and use cases and forgetting that only reduces the number of your end users.

Also if this is about power computing, then why are we even talking about Amigas? Power computing is far far far ahead of anything an FPGA can do.

It is more about making past and obsolete architectures faster. Which is fine, but should be acknowledged honestly instead of covering it with salad dressing.

Apologies for the off topic!
I took part in some of the discussions in the past... power computing does not mean competing with newest i7 multicore system but if you have to make a choice between 100% compatibility and speed then taking speed. Apollo is not designed primarly as a replacement for old hardware but as a real upgrade. Hope this explains it better...
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