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@ grond

I am not running the A600 with its original PSU. Actually, I want to keep my amigas running for some more years !!!! Other users should do the same...

Thank you very much for the explanation and to confirm what I wanted to say,I mean that at the time being, Indy is compatible. And I am happy because I am a user who have no Monitor capable of showing native amiga screen and I already had a Indivision ready to use. It would have cost me more money to buy a new monitor :-)
I am sure, I am not the only one in this situation and hope some other users will be also able to enjoy the Vampire as I do with the indy (waiting new core).

Of course, I will be more than happy when I will be able to use a core without this addon, not that I do not like it (it does a perfect job) but saga looks so great !

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