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Originally Posted by lolof View Post
I have no PSU problems at all and it works very well as SD/FF, you should really check your PSU.... I would be afraid to use a PSU who is not working well because of an indivision with any of my Amiga....
There are a lot of aging Amigas out there and the A600 PSU is notorious for being weak by design. Add to this the number of PSUs which got even worse due to aging but never got fixed by their owners. The project would have to endure even more bullshitting from the usual suspects interested in a failure of the vampire project if there were stability problems (in addition to what you may expect from a silver core) due to weak PSUs. PSU problems are usually hard to track and to clearly identify as such. Having yet another component draw some Watts from the 5V supply can be too much for an old A600 PSU. Of course, all is fine if you have replaced the PSU by a modern and powerful one (I think mine has 80 Watts and fits nicely inside the old PSU case).

I´ve not tried with P96 emulation, so it's possible it does not work with but I do not understand why we could not used the indy now as the core the normal customers have is without P96.
"P96" is software. The core you have already has RTG functionality inside. It has a framebuffer which you can activate, configure and write gfx data to. The hardware registers for controlling the RTG subsystem are mapped into the Amiga hardware register address space as are those of the Indivision. The accesses to these non-Amiga hardware registers are intercepted and redirected to the corresponding registers inside the FPGA. Once the Amiga custom chips are implemented inside the FPGA, all hardware register accesses will remain inside the FPGA. Since the Indivision is also controlled through such hardware registers, it just will not receive any control data any more which is why there is no Indivision compatibility. The flickerfixer part of the Indivision is pure electronics and thus cannot be disabled. However, even this will only hold true as long as the custom chips are not emulated inside the FPGA. Once this is done, the Indivision will be completely useless because the custom chips and chipmem of the Amiga won't receive any gfx data any more and will be disabled completely (they could even be faulty, it wouldn't matter).

I think it is only fair to mention now that the vampire will be completely incompatible with the Indivision (even though currently there is some of its functionality left) because many people are seeking A600s now in order to put a vampire into it. They might also consider buying an Indivision which will be totally useless and also overpriced in comparison to e.g. a SCART-HDMI converter available for 30€.
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