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I have no PSU problems at all and it works very well as SD/FF, you should really check your PSU.... I would be afraid to use a PSU who is not working well because of an indivision with any of my Amiga....

I´ve not tried with P96 emulation, so it's possible it does not work with but I do not understand why we could not used the indy now as the core the normal customers have is without P96.

I have to remember people that most of the pictures seen on internet are with a newer beta core including P96, it's not the core that normals customers are using/receiving with their Vampire at the moment....
Then, why can't we use an Indivision while waiting for the full P96 core ????

Most of us has surely one already, I did not buy it especially for this setup but I am very happy to have it now and till we will get the full core...
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