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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
Thanks Tony,
I think about it today, because i was playing with the assembler and run the code and i stay blocked in a loop.
No way to get out of it, then, i thought : if i could have made a rewind !!!!
I said that because i wrote lines and lines and forgot to update my source.
But, it's not so important, it was just a test.
ps: could winuae save text we type during the last 30 mins or perhaps less in a temp, like this if something goes wrong, we can have a way to find our last work. Perhaps it's already possible ?
The best tool to use for this job is a debugger where you can trace your code step by step and figure out why it is stuck in an infinite loop.

Modifying UAE to simplify coding is like buying a rocket launcher to kill a fly.

Debuggers are dedicated to code tracing, they will do a much better job than UAE. That is not to say UAE does not have its uses for debugging, it is immensely useful in many ways especially for reverse engineering, but for pure coding an debugging you are much better off with a debugger.
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