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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Wouldn't it be nice if all these clever ppl (the Apollo core team, the FPGA Arcade team, the MIST guys.. ) could work together on the SAGA core and help making it an even broader next gen 68k Amiga platform that reaches beyond the Vampire buyers...
Just saying. ..
Amiga Cooperation? Yea, um, you can expect that in 2 more weeks. What would be needed to make cooperative 3rd generation 68k FPGA hardware a success?

1) Gunnar could not be in charge
2) A-EON/Hyperion to stop blocking 68k Amiga development and support it
3) financial investment and business partners (increase production quantity to lower costs)
4) open standards and documentation
5) open minded planners

Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
That being said, I have no idea if the SAGA stuff that is extended beyond AGA is supposed to be an open architecture or some top secret stuff.. but then... why..
I believe Thomas Hirsch (Natami designer) planned on making the documentation for SAGA available when it was more decided. It needed some changes as some of what he was trying to do didn't work (blitter enhancements that would have been blazing fast in hardware). Gunnar was able to obtain SAGA with permission which is good as it can be debugged. Gunnar is not good at posting documentation so I don't expect it any time soon or ever. I was in the "Apollo Team" and we didn't get much documentation for the Apollo CPU core so I made my own ISA documentation based on ideas we discussed (saves time for the engineers to code and seeing helps to evaluate proposals). I would ask about instructions but he ignored many questions he didn't want to answer. I suggested a standards group but he insisted the design engineers were the most qualified to make all ISA/ABI decisions (engineers=Gunnar). I fixed his spreadsheet map of instruction encodings which had errors and added existing and proposed FPU instructions. Gunnar is fast and sloppy and would not be a good person to make the documentation. Jens could make excellent documentation if Gunnar was good enough at communicating with him. Development support depends on documentation and standardization. Gunnar thinks his product will be superior enough to set all the standards. The FPGA Arcade and Mist creators only care about compatibility and have no plan for improving the Amiga future beyond retro goodness. The A-EON/Hyperion guys are snobbish elitists blocking 68k development and holding on tight to the 20 year old technology even as their PPC sinks. Maybe the next Amiga owners will be a little smarter but the Amiga seems perpetually cursed by lack of cooperation, poor business management and failed business plans.
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