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Some news...

I have been able to play karateka from my current version (winuae feels more comfortable to use than steem, btw).

I have a few issues regarding sound and keyboard input. If these get solved it may well be release time

One of the sounds oddly refuses to play (and i don't have a clue why).
I think i should be able to play samples rather than the st synth sounds ; however i obviously need good enough samples (music and sfx are all done the same way in the game and i know where the script calls them).

Keyboard input behaves strangely and the code doesn't help much.
It is very likely that the behavior won't be the same, and i have no clue what the 'perfect' keyboard handling would be (the atari version doesn't feel 'right' in that aspect either).

It seems some keys are used for some function but they don't map to anything on the atari keyboard.
Does someone have the complete keyboard command list ?
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