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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Wouldn't it be nice if all these clever ppl (the Apollo core team, the FPGA Arcade team, the MIST guys.. ) could work together on the SAGA core and help making it an even broader next gen 68k Amiga platform that reaches beyond the Vampire buyers...
The aims of apollo on the one hand and the other two on the other are totally different. Apollo starts from the understanding that Amiga was about power computing and doesn't need cycle exact emulation as there never was a cycle exact one Amiga anyway. There were 16bit OCS, 16bit ECS, 32bit ECS and 32bit AGA machines with optional fastmem and CPUs ranging from 7 MHz 68000 up to 68060 with relatively large caches. There is nothing that would keep us from adding even faster CPUs. You can code software making use of vampire's superior features using coding techniques already implemented in the 1990s and old code already benefits from the much faster CPU and RTG. This also means that you can write code that will work on vampire, MIST and fpgaarcade. However, if you set out to write a video player, there won't be much point in trying to make your code run on MIST or fpgaarcade because the core they use just lacks the raw power to do it.

Regarding a cooperation, my impression is that the need is relatively small from the point of view of the apollo team as the complete SAGA functionality was implemented years ago and just needs testing before it can be enabled. Of course, testing is something that can take quite some time, too.
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