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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
Your trying to make rocket science from a simple request here! Plus a few posts back (#21) according to you there was no software that used more than 2MB, until it was pointed out to you that there was, now your saying it's down to software.
The Amiga's chip RAM limitation is well known mate, it is hardware and not software that limits it.
My point was that software is not capable to use more than 2MB of CHIP as this is HW limitation of the chipset (and you must see abvious difference between UAE where pinters can be easily modified and real HW where going over 8MB may be not possible easily).
Fact that OS can fulfill SW request and allocate 8MB CHIP even if this is not a CHIP as it can't be addressed by chipset above 2MB border is meaningless - my point was to show that you can't expect that chipset will be capable to access data even if OS will expose to SW larger CHIP. And most of SW is not capable with more 2MB of CHIP limitation.

As such possibility to perform very fast transfers between CHIP and non-CHIP or even address remapping is not rocket science but easiest way to workaround HW limitations without touching HW.
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