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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
That's the usual symptom if you haven't set the drive's SCSI ID to 0.

If you previously installed some driver for the converter, right-click it in Device Manager and (hopefully) there's an option to uninstall the driver. Do that.

thanks mark_k i appreciate the help. i did get it working on my dell inspiron, but not on my alienware m18xR2. i have run into issues where some non usb 3.0 usb devices will not work properly on my 64 bit alienware win7 machine. but when i try them on one of my lesser spec laptops, they work fine, one example using a ttl adapter to flash my gotec drives, wouldnt work at all on my alienware laptop but work fine on the non usb3 32bit windows xp laptops.

the usb->scsi adapter is working fine on my non usb3 32bit win xp laptops as per using your suggestions, but will not work at all on my alienware laptop.

which is fine with me cause i have three monitors hooked to my alienware m18x and its used mainly as my coding machine, so i dont mind having to use the older laptops as my usb devices machines.

thanks again for your input, i really appreciate it.

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