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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
BTW, I have to say it was noble of @ReadOnlyCat to give the OP the benefit of a doubt while the rest if us assumed off-the-chart-trolling ;-)
Well, this is an active choice and I apply this philosophy to any human interaction: never assume malice and try to understand the context of the other person. This is not really noble, it is just more productive.

I have found that this prevents many unnecessary misunderstanding and conflicts. We are hard wired to assume a defensive position when something unusual/unexpected comes our way and while that was very useful for our ancestors back in the jungle days that is completely unproductive on the Internet where we lack visual clues as to what the intent of our interlocutor is.

I would rather be mocked by a troll rather than accidentally hurt a sincere person so the choice is not hard to make.
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