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Originally Posted by musojon74 View Post
OK. I'm going to have to zone it. Notes - 1: tempo is wrong, i've forgotten how to argue with octamed to make the tempo save ok for soundtracker mods. 2: sounds are being tweaked still. 3. there's a couple of notes missing (which people may not even notice but i do). Use it for testing. i'll try and tweak the sounds this week. They sound alright though I think. EDIT Zoned.
Sorry, didnt know you had done this.

Right as a conversion it sounds fine, but its not 'Amiga' enough for me. Whilst i have no problems with a direct conversion of the ST original tune, your conversion sounds almost i the realms of what the ST can be pushed to do.

So, more hard hitting drums not the weedy ones, maybe a slightly more inreresting lead, again its just too weedy sounding.

If you can do that, then i cant see any reason why we cant include it in the final release.

Thanks for your efforts, just a bit more work if youre up for it, but please, dont hold back, Amigarise the hell out of it
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