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Problems with disk swapper and Fn key

Hi Toni,

first, let me thank you for WinUAE. In my honest opinion, it's one of the best pieces of software ever made. It brings back so many memories from long forgotten times.

I have a problem with the disk swapper feature and my laptop. I'm using WinUAE 3.2.2 and Windows 10.

On my laptop, the "END" key is mapped to one of the cursor keys, so if I want to use the END key, I have to press and hold a special Fn key.

Basically, inserting and changing disks into DF0 using Fn + END + 1-4 works, BUT: After changing the disks a few times, the emulated keyboard stops working. When I then press F12 to get out of the emulation, the WinUAE Debugger opens instead of the well-known and beloved WinUAE screen. If I then close the debugger and press F12 again, the WinUAE settings window opens and the keyboard starts working again - until the next few disk changes.

I think the problem is that the keyboard controller/driver in my laptop confuses WinUAE with the Fn key and triggers unexpected functions. As soon as I use an USB keyboard on that very same laptop with the very same WinUAE configuration and use the dedicated END key on the USB keyboard, everything works like a charm.

I think you'll be unable to reproduce the problem as I doubt you have the same laptop model (Packard Bell Easynote LK13 - crappy, but good enough to run the A500 emulation with decreased accuracy).

Is there a way to change the disk swapping hotkey to a different key than the END key? For example, I never use the dedicated "*" key on my laptop's numpad within the Amiga emulation, so I could use this key instead.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I attached my configuration file. Nothing spectacular at all.
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