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I just built one but I'm not getting it working.

If I flash 0.6 and use 0.6 plipbox.device I get no errors in MiamiDX but I'm also not getting IP. If I flash 0.5 and use 0.5 plipbox.device I get a error in MiamiDX saying: "Error (3,1) trying to configure the SANA-II device."

I have tried it on my A1200 with Apollo 1230 @ 50Mhz and on my A4000 with A3630 @ 25 Mhz. I'm using the 020 plipbox.device. If I use my 3com PCMCIA card on the A1200 all works fine and I get IP and can use internet.

I have measured all the connections between paralellport and arduino connection on the ethernet shield.

Anyone have any idea how to get this working?
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