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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
Sorry mate but there is plenty of software that will use more than 2MB of chip RAM, if that's by design or a mistake is up for debate though.
Try some paint software and BetaScan or Fxscan with WinUAE 8MB chip RAM, they do make use of the extra memory.
After all, if nothing used it why would Toni implement it in the first place?
It is easy to try it for yourself and see.
Thing you reffering to can be easily made on software level - i assume there is some software that sending request to memory allocator for particular type of RAM - in this case to allocate largest possible CHIP RAM chunk - this is not HW but software i.e. OS behavior.
Chipset and beyond 2MB limit (for ECS/AGA as for OCS it is strictly 512KB CHIP RAM limit) is something else - but this capabilities are i assume solved at SAGA.
If you see modern accelerator architectural approach such as Vampire 600 then from physical perspective 128MB RAM is no longer FAST but rather CHIP+FAST - with such archtecture you easily workaround all CHIP limitations without touching chipset and if you decide to modify chipset then all RAM began to be F(ast)CHIP in natural way.
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