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So, for what it's worth, I'm concerned Majsta isn't charging enough for these things. After watching the video of what he has to go through for soldering, even with all the fancy new eq, I'm convinced of it.

How many pre-orders were there, a hundred? more? The joy and novelty of bringing his amazing new child into the world will wear eventually.

At some point, he will no doubt say to himself and others, "I'm not making any more. It's just too much boring work." But what he'll really be saying is, "The labor is not is not worth what I get out of it." After all, we'd all rather not work, but we do it because the money is worth it. At $130 (or so) a pop, for the work he's doing? Unless he's a truly remarkable and unusual human being, I fear those pre-orders will also be the post-orders.

He should raise the price.

- Bo

P.S. No, I did not pre-order, and yes, I want one, so yes, I am motivated to say these things because I believe them: I don't think anyone will get one at that price beyond his initial obligation.
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