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Which Belkin converter do you have? There were two models. Exactly which SCSI devices do you have connected to it?

Here's how I would go about getting it to work:
  • First, don't install any driver that you might have found online. [Once you know the converter is working you can manually install a later version driver which is likely to be more compatible with XP and later. I can give more info about that...] There are no drivers for 64-bit Windows anyway.
  • With Windows and no driver installed, only the single SCSI device with ID 0 will be recognised.
  • Connect the SCSI device you want to use to the converter. Make sure the jumpers on the device are set so its SCSI ID is 0. (External SCSI Zip drives can only be set to ID 5 or 6 so can't be used without installing the driver. But you'd be better off just getting a USB Zip drive instead.)
  • Make sure the SCSI device is set to provide termination power to the SCSI bus. The converter uses that for its power supply. If your device can't do that, you can add another SCSI device to the chain (jumpered for non-0 ID) which does supply termination power. The Belkin converter originally came with a termpower adaptor and power supply but if you bought a used one that may be missing.
  • Power on the SCSI device(s). Wait until they spin up/initialise and only after that connect the converter to your PC's USB port.
  • Hopefully Windows should detect the drive with ID 0.

To rule out a hardware problem, you could download a Linux live CD/DVD and boot from that. Linux fully supports pretty much all the SCM-based SCSI converters with no need to install extra drivers. If you can't get it working in Linux there may be a hardware problem. But as mentioned above, you have to ensure that at least one SCSI device in the chain is supplying termination power to the SCSI bus.

Edit to add: Also make sure the device at the end of the SCSI chain is terminated. Either enable its built-in termination or use an external terminator.

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