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Originally Posted by dreamkatcha View Post
The likeness is uncanny, it's as if he's the same person! It all makes sense now. I've just read you can pick up the station on DAB so that's what I'll be tuning into tomorrow morning.
Hah you found out his secret identity! The truth behind the radio quailty voice. Think he's doing the Sunday night dance show on gem now.
Originally Posted by dreamkatcha View Post
Thanks. I missed that what with subscribing via RSS. When you were talking about Retr0brighting yellow computers, Dan mentioned something about a 'blacklight' Amiga if I heard correctly. I can't find any info on this so maybe I'm just losing the plot.
Yeah you can use a uv light with retro bright. Its supposed to make it more evenly spread I hear.

I can't believe you guys are in Nottingham.. Literally where I am

We should meet up for an Amiga session ��
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