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Cool History...

Age 8:
Philips console: I don't remember much of it. This was a console which let you play Pong-like games on TV. It also had a lightgun with it. What I do remember is that my parents cursed it for blewing up several televisions.

Age 10:
Vic 20: One evening my dad returned home with a second-hand Vic 20 with 20 cassettes and many boxes containing listings and manuals. The previous owner programmed tons of games for it. Some even required 20Kb to run! My favorites were Fast Eddie, Videomania, Zork and Gorf. Sold it to buy a C64.

Age 13:
C64: I bought two C64s in one year. The first one, a second-hand, blew up its internal circuits when I was playing Last Ninja I. The second one I bought in Germany at Karstadt for only 110 Euro. Sold it to buy an Amiga.

Age 15:
Amiga 500: My favorite machine. Currently eating dust on the attic.

Age 19:
Pentium 90: A monster-PC back in 1995. Nowadays not even capable running a tax-income program. Still at my parents' house.

Age 23:
Atari Lynx: Inherited from my brother. Includes original gameboxes and even a Scrapyard Dog-A3 size poster.

AMD Athlon 1.8 Ghz: Nicknamed 'Cry Wolf' when the cooler gets noisy and I can't even hear myself think. Can still run all games at maximum speed though.
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