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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
are we just talking graphics, or sound as well? More channels would be nice, as well as the option to use 16 bit samples, and to set the volume independently on left and right speakers. Perhaps the upper byte of the volume register could be used to set the volume for the opposite side? We could maybe use a bank switching scheme to select banks of four channels each, like AGA uses to select palette register banks.
Well..Paula was never changed so barely qualifies as an aga specific part 😆 anyway, they've already "promised" 16-bit audio as a future Apollo-core update.
Don't know if this will be seen purely as an AHI device or if it's going to be an improved Paula.
The way Gunnar described Picasso96 as a "chunky mode" of the SAGA makes me think he likes to extend integrated stuff, rather than glue something on that exists as it's own isolated entity... (meaning, it *might* be an extension to Paula rather than a "new standalone sound card" so to speak)
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