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@NorthWay ye I saw some of those, but those threads tend to be a bit too technically specific for my taste.. like two guys arguing over 6 pages about dma cycles in a specific scenario or something like that. ,-)

This text below is from the good old Natami page. No idea who wrote this but st least it was someone with better knowledge about AGA than me ;-) (which isn't that hard, btw) .

8>< -------

COPPER: including original AGA copper

Fully compatible with AGA-AMIGA
Speed of SuperBlitter is many times faster than AMIGA AGA blitter
comparisons will follow.
2D Enhancements:
In Chunky/Hicolor/ or Truecolor pixel mode the Super Blitter can "cookie cut" copy BOBs.
Like the AMIGA Sprites, a "cookie cut" copy needs no blitting mask.
This enabled the blitter to use less memory and to work at double speed compared to planar blits.

3D Accelerator:
Texturemapping Blitter enhancement.
Provides Mipmapping, Subpixel 4 way interpolation, Light sources, Antialiasing, Alpha blending.

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