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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Wouldn't any upgrades break compatibility?? Like if you put in a more powerful Blitter, I am sure it's going to take down the whole compatibility with it (for a test, take WinUAE and make the blitter run faster, see all your games go to shit)
I'm not really qualified to answer that.. but I don't think so.. think x64 extension to X86-32 bit
Not saying it's a perfect analogy but the x64 cup:s ran 32 bit apps just fine, and the magical brain of BigGun probably has a decent idea about this.
I mean... the Apollo-core is actually a 64 bit 68k CPU, yet it's more compatible with old software than a 060.
Also, I'm at peace with the idea that you can't magically improve the old implementation.. you could however probably recompile /patch some old games to take advantage of a better blitter for example.
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