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I can't believe you guys are in Nottingham.. Literally where I am

Great stuff and good to listen too

Originally Posted by rats View Post
Thanks for the great messages of support guys.
Really makes it worth doing.

Me and Dan have been smiling from this thread :P and boy have we got some good guests coming up for the next couple of episodes.......


Ps. DreamKatcha for shownotes check out
Originally Posted by dreamkatcha View Post
I've listened to the first two and have the third on my phone ready for my walk home later, and I love it. It's all a bit surreal - you have this perfectly polished, smooth radio voice so I feel like I'm listening to mainstream radio, yet you're talking about prehistoric computers that would never get a mention on the big networks.

It looks like you're having no trouble getting some of the key players in the industry onboard, which speaks volumes!

When I listened to this earlier I couldn't believe my ears, I know I recognised that voice and so off I went and tadaaaa

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