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Originally Posted by locksmith View Post
hi to all I like to learn to convert games from a different platform to amiga

just hope I don't need to know programming code I hope it software based

any one out the like to point me into the right direction


The harsh reality is that creating/porting/converting games will always (as it stands) requires some base knowledge of coding.

There have been some decent attempts in the past to allow people to create games without the need to code, Backbone and Shoot 'em Up Construction Kit for example. The former being very buggy and difficult to work with, the latter being very simplistic, limited in scope.

AMOS is a good starting point, at the very least it will teach you some basic programming principles.

As of this date there is no "Holy Grail" of simplistic and flexible game creation that doesn't require any coding. If anybody finds it please let me know.

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